Joint Replacement for Knee

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Joint Replacement for Knee
When it becomes necessary to do surgery of knee joints?

Operation of Knee  joints  become necessary when the joint pain becomes unbearable during daily routine work, walking and movement and the initial precautions and medicines prescribed by the Doctor does not give desired results, it is time to do SURGERY OF THE KNEE JOINTS.

It is important for the patient to take a decision on the operation fast, in his own interest and don’t depend on sometimes self imposed or at times remarks and recommendations of friends and relatives like “let it be, let it go on, I will bear it, or the feelings that it is the result of aging and we have lived most of it and only few years are to be spend on this earth. All this can play a spoil spot for your future. 

Do you think twice, or wait before removing a pin pierced in to your foot? No! On the contrary, “EARLIER THE BETTER”.

YES, you should take immediate decision in case of joint operations like what you did above, as delay in decision can only spoil the situation further.

Joint Replacement Surgery

The joint replacement surgery involves first of all cleaning and removing the damaged bone particles of the joints on both the sides. Secondly a knee joint made out of good quality metal and according to the patient’s bone size and shape and cemented to the patient’s bone using a special quality cement. The whole process is called joint Replacement.

The newly placed joints on both the bones are then jointed using plates made out of special quality tear and wear resistant plastic or polythene material. This facilitates the patient to move freely without pain. 

  1. This operation is quite simple. 
  2. Complications are almost nill.
  3. This operation can restore a twisted joint and the leg can be as healthy as it was. 
  4. Abnormal steps can become normal and stable. 
  5. Patient can start walking with the help of walker from the second or third day of operation. 
  6. Patient can walk with the help of a walking stick within a week and within about a month one can walk and move around freely without any help.
Before the Joint Replacement Operation

Please ensure that the following points are satisfied before the joint replacement operation:

  1. Operation Theatre with all necessary equipments and facility as per international standards and adequate facility for consultation. 
  2. Experienced and excellent nursing staff and doctors
  3. Expert and experienced surgeon
  4. High quality joint replacement parts made by internationally recognised company 

Life Span and the future after joint replacement

A joint replacement operation successfully done under direct supervision of an experienced and expert surgeon using a joint manufactured with good quality material by internationally reputed company, naturally have a very good result and future.

In 90 out of 100 patients the replaced joints works silently without any problem of pain and disorder for 15 to 20 years. If necessary this operation can be done for revision of the joints (joint revision) after about 20 years.